Located in Amarillo, TX we are a small friendly dog grooming salon that prides ourselves on being kind and gentle to every animal. We provide the following services to Dogs and Cats:


We have a range of different blade lengths depending on your individual preferences. 

Safe Drying

Each dog is dried by hand using a force drier allowing us to see each part of your dogs skin

Tick Removal

Ticks are super easy to pick up. If any are noticed on your dog, we are happy to help.

Hand Stripping

Leave your dog with a natural looking finish. This is a process which the hair is pulled by hand and not clipped. 

Pads and Nails

Nails are clipped and matted hair in the pads are removed. This prevents buildup of mud and other harmful debris. 


With a wide range of available shampoos, we can customize your needs and preferences for smell and coat type. 

Ear Cleaning

We pride ourselves on maintaining and caring for every animal's ear to ensure the best possibility of no internal ear infections.


Dogs can be sprayed with a coat conditioning spray with an amazing scent to make them smell divine for more days to come.